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Attain True Happiness:
Volume 6 of The Ananda Yoga Series

by Gyandev McCord

Attain True HappinessDiscover the time-honored secrets of living in a dynamic state of joyful wellbeing, untouched by any outward circumstance, or past mistake, or worry for the future. These four classes (each more than 45 minutes long) will take you into the art and science of true happiness:

1. Lift Your Consciousness — Learn effective ways to raise your level of consciousness, and your level of happiness, at will.

2. Cultivate Even-Mindedness — Gain valuable tools that will help you remain unfazed by life’s inevitable ups and downs.

3. A Method for Happiness — Yoga’s techniques for energy control will help you take charge of your state of mind.

4. Connect with Divine Joy — Supercharge your own efforts to attain happiness by partnering with the Source of all joy.

DVD: $29.95


Build Inner Strength:
Volume 5 of The Ananda Yoga Series

by Gyandev McCord

Build Inner StrengthExplore ways to create new possibilities in life by developing the many dimensions of your personal strength. In these four classes (each more than 45 minutes long), you’ll learn empowering techniques as well as gain valuable insights into how to use your newfound power.

1. Increase Your Willpower — Supercharge your ability to make things happen: inner growth as well as outward accomplishment.

2. Gain Inner Flexibility — Cultivate the skill of flowing calmly and confidently with life’s changes, so nothing can shake you.

3. Awaken Your Heart’s Power — Discover ways to tap into the subtle power of feeling, an essential factor in true success.

4. Access the Source of All Strength — Explore the secrets of aligning your own strength with God’s unlimited power.

DVD: $29.95

Energize Your Life:
Volume 2 of The Ananda Yoga Series

by Gyandev McCord

Energize Your Life DVDTrue success in any endeavor requires two things: a high level of energy, and the ability to focus that energy. These four classes (each more than 45 minutes long) help you develop both. They also show you how to use that higher level of energy in Yoga practice, and throughout your life:

1. Awaken Your Energy—Learn in detail the uniquely powerful
Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda.

2. Become an Energy Magnet—Expand your Energization practice, and add pranayama to draw even more energy.

3. Full Energization Plus—Use Energization to experience a more dynamic, more fulfilling Yoga practice.

4. The Secret of High Energy—Add a powerful mental component to supercharge your practice, and your life.

DVD: $29.95

Enhance Your Meditation:
Volume 4 of The Ananda Yoga Series

by Gyandev McCord

Enhance Your Meditation DVDIn these four classes (each more than 45 minutes long), you’ll explore the transformative power of classical meditation, the central technique of Yoga. You’ll learn to use asana and pranayama (breathing)  techniques to enhance your meditation, concentration, creativity, intuition—and above all, your joy level!

1. Sharpen Your Concentration — Discover ways to improve this essential skill for successful meditation and successful living.

2. Practice True Meditation — Experience a powerful, time-tested, meditation technique for raising consciousness.

3. Deepen Your Meditation — Enrich your practice as you explore the creative, personalized aspects of meditation.

4. Receive Inner Guidance — Use meditation to develop your inner clarity and intuition: your soul’s ability to know Truth.

DVD: $29.95

Find Peace of Mind:
Volume 7 of The Ananda Yoga Series

by Gyandev McCord

Learn ways to reclaim the peace of your inner being—and stay in peace through all the activities and challenges of modern life. These four classes (each more than 45 minutes long) give you a broad range of effective tools for dynamic yet peaceful living—from learning to let go, to getting over the “need” to overdo, to tapping into the Source of true peace.

1. Ease Stress and Worry — Get into the greater flow of your own life, and begin to remove the inner causes of stress and worry.

2. Flow with Change — Don’t get stuck! Learn to adapt to what is, align with the divine flow that brings change, and thrive.

3. Slow Down and Focus — Use body and breath to counter life’s constant agitation, restlessness, and overstimulation.

4. The Supreme Key to Peace — Discover the secret of staying contented in each moment, even in the midst of difficulties.

DVD: $29.95 (to be released later in 2018)

Live from Your Center:
Volume 1 of The Ananda Yoga Series

by Gyandev McCord

Live From Your CenterDiscover how to stay calm, take charge of your mind, and be more effective in everything you do. The key is to learn to work with the primary pathways for subtle energy in your body and mind—and that’s the focus of this first volume of The Ananda Yoga Series. In these four classes (each more than 45 minutes long) you’ll learn to:

1. Connect with Your Center—Gain a deeper awareness of your energy and the ways in which it interacts with your mind.

2. Free Your Breath—Remove physical blockages to your breath, and thereby free up your energy and mind as well.

3. Breathe into Stillness—Use the breath to move toward perfect quiet of mind, where true effectiveness thrives.

4. Stay Calm During Activity—Strengthen your ability to stay centered in the midst of life’s daily drama.

DVD: $29.95

Relax and Reconnect:
Volume 3 of The Ananda Yoga Series

by Gyandev McCord

True relaxation is central to a healthy, successful lifestyle, yet so few people really know how to do it. Relaxation is not about sleep; its higher expressions are dynamic, empowering, and subtle. These four classes (each more than 45 minutes long) of Volume 3 of The Ananda Yoga Series will help you develop invaluable relaxation skills.

1. Find Ease Within Effort—Discover how to relax in the midst of activity, so all your efforts can bring the best results possible

2. Relax Upward—A contradiction? No, it’s simply a higher form of relaxation, and you’ll learn how to cultivate it.

3. Relax Away from Distraction—Explore effective tools for dealing with the many distractions of everyday life.

4. Relax into Soul-Awareness—This ultimate relaxation skill takes you into the higher octaves of your own being.

DVD: $29.95

Spiritual Yoga:
Awakening to Higher Awareness

by Gyandev McCord

Hatha Yoga (yoga postures and energy-control techniques) is so much more than physical positions and breathing. This book will show you how to go beyond a purely physical practice, and experience the highest that this ancient science has to offer. You’ll learn how to expand your awareness and quicken your spiritual progress by cooperating skillfully with the inner workings of energy and consciousness.

This long-awaited book includes all the guidance you’ll need, whether you are a beginner needing basic instruction, or an experienced practitioner looking to take your practice to a higher level. It’s a wealth of simple yet powerful keys to self-transformation, presented with Gyandev’s trademark clarity and incisiveness.

Book: $24.95

Yoga for Busy People

by Gyandev McCord and Lisa Powers

These three Ananda Yoga routines are perfect for anyone who wants to practice, but doesn’t seem to have the time. Each routine is short (about 25 minutes) yet complete: It begins with some warm-up exercises for a safe and comfortable practice, explores a balanced set of asanas (postures), and ends with a deep relaxation. One routine is designed to helps you raise your level of vitality. Another routine will help you cultivate calmness. The third routine shows you how to harmonize the vast energies of the heart. Also included on this DVD is a separate presentation on how to draw upon the power of the science of yoga.

This DVD has become a perennial favorite for people who want to practice yoga in a shorter amount of time. Especially keen on it are meditators who want to have some yoga practice without sacrificing their meditation time.

DVD: $16.95

Yoga to Awaken the Chakras

by Gyandev McCord

Working with the chakras lies at the heart of Ananda Yoga—and at the heart of all Yoga. The chakras hold both your karma—that which can hold you back—and the power that will enable you to transcend all thought of being separate from all that is.

In this DVD, you’ll experience a traditional, multifaceted practice geared to awaken the energies of the chakras, and to use those energies to raise your consciousness. It includes an illuminating animated  video on the chakra energies, followed by an uplifting 45-minute Ananda Yoga routine that focuses on the chakra energies. As a special bonus, the DVD also features an introductory video about the chakras by noted chakra authority Savitri Simpson.

Many experienced yoga practitioners have been astonished at what this simple-yet-profound practice can do to bring one into a state of greater inner stillness mixed with a state of dynamic joy.

DVD: $16.95

Yoga Therapy for Headache Relief

by Gyandev McCord and Dr. Peter Van Houten

This short book gives you important medical guidance as well as yoga practices—easy yoga postures plus breathing techniques—to prevent headaches as well as to remedy them. The practice won’t take much of your time—even a few minutes will be helpful, and a bit longer will be even more helpful. Also included are some helpful lifestyle aids to headache prevention.

This book is currently out of stock at the publisher. However, you can buy the Kindle version (or a used physical copy) on

Yoga Therapy for Overcoming Insomnia

by Gyandev McCord and Dr. Peter Van Houten

This little gem of a book offers medical guidance as well as yoga practices—easy yoga postures plus breathing techniques—to sleep more easily, longer, and better. There’s both a super-short practice (7–8 minutes) and a basic short practice (about 15 minutes). The book also includes a host of valuable lifestyle aids to better sleep.

This book is currently out of stock at the publisher. However, you can buy the Kindle version (or a used physical copy) on An excellent substitute for this book is the CD/MP3, Ease into Sleep.