Meditation & Pranayama

The Energization Exercises of Paramhansa Yogananda

energization exercises, Paramhansa YoganandaExperience the power of Paramhansa Yogananda’s unique contribution to the science of yoga. This system of simple exercises teaches you how to recharge your body with energy and bring that energy under the direct control of your will so you can use it for inner activities, such as meditation and pranayama, or outer activities (creative projects, relationships, sports, hobbies, etc.). Once you know them, the exercises take only about 12 minutes to do.

This video includes an introduction to Energization, a detailed teaching segment, and four guided session at four different rates of practice. One session is with Swami Kriyananda.

DVD: $16.95

Enhance Your Meditation

by Gyandev McCord

Enhance Your Meditation DVDIn these four classes (each more than 45 minutes long), you’ll harness the transformative power of classical meditation, the central technique of Yoga. Learn to use asana and pranayama techniques to enhance your meditation, creativity, intuition—and your joy level! This is volume 4 of The Ananda Yoga Series, with the following classes:

1. Sharpen Your Concentration — Discover ways to improve this essential skill for successful meditation and successful living.
2. Practice True Meditation — Experience a powerful, time-tested, meditation technique for raising consciousness.
3. Deepen Your Meditation — Enrich your practice as you explore the creative, personalized aspects of meditation.
4. Receive Inner Guidance — Use meditation to develop your inner clarity and intuition: your soul’s ability to know Truth.

DVD: $29.95

Meditation for Inner Peace

by Diksha McCord

Insights into classical meditation, the time-honored spiritual practice that’s now recommended  by everyone from physicians to athletes, from business people to artists—and pretty much everyone else as well. Includes valuable background information, warm-up stretches, and an extended session of guided practice.


MP3 download: $13.95

Pranayama for Deeper Meditation

by Nayaswami Gyandev

20 guided practices in classical Yoga techniques for enhanced meditation: breathwork, bandhas, mudras and more. Includes practice guidelines, a special pranayama warm-up session, and instruction in classical Yoga meditation. Perfect for leading you into deep meditation.

2-CD set: $24.95

MP3 download: $22.95